Economy Full Program

1,200.60 ر.س 1,334.00 ر.س

Full Economy Program

Healthy food is expensive and drains your budget?

Diet Watchers has the solution. Healthy calorie-calculated food under the supervision of qualified dietitians at a reasonable price

The Full Economy Program:

It covers your daily needs with balanced meals and a varied menu (breakfast - lunch - dinner – 2 snacks)

The full economy program serves the following calories: 1000 - 1200 - 1500

We provide different subscription periods depending on your preference

05 days

07  days

 10 days

14 days

20 days

28 days

Features of the Full Economy Program:

· Healthy meals that suit your needs and goals

· Saves you time and effort in preparing your own meals

· Reasonable price with a guarantee of high quality and distinctive taste

· Delivery service to the place of your choice

· A varied menu of local and international dishes

· All dishes are prepared under the supervision of qualified dietitians