Economy Lunch Program

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Economy Lunch Program

Healthy food is expensive and drains your budget? Yor order food every day at work? unhealthy and overpriced options!

Diet Watchers has the solution. Healthy calorie-calculated lunch meal under the supervision of qualified dietitians at a reasonable price

Economy Lunch Program

It provides you with a balanced and healthy lunch that meets your daily needs, according to the calories that suit you and a variety of options. It contains: (lunch and snack)

The economy lunch program serves the following calories: 400 – 500 – 600 kcal

We provide different subscription periods depending on your preference

5 days

7 days

10 days

14 days

20 days

28 days

Features of the Economy Lunch Program:

· Healthy lunch meals that suit your needs and goals

· Saves you time and effort in preparing your own meals

· Relief from the daily trouble of thinking about lunch and asking for unhealthy options

· Reasonable price with a guarantee of high quality and distinctive taste

· Delivery service to the place of your choice

· A varied menu of local and international dishes

· All dishes are prepared under the supervision of qualified dietitians