Kids Meal Program (Regular)

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You don’t have time in the morning to prepare a healthy meal for your child? Do you want your child's body to be healthy and sound? Your child suffers from overweight? Diet watchers made it easy for you

A variety of healthy meals for children between 5 and 13 years old.

This program is specially designed to provide a healthy and fresh meal for children to ensure that they maintain their ideal weight and avoid putting on extra weight, it also increases their concentration and mental performance. This program is a calorie-based program, if your child is between 5 and 10 years old, the calories provided in the meals are 550-600 calories, and if he/she is between 10 and 13 years old, they will receive around 650-700 calories.

The kid’s meal box includes (meal, snack, drink and fruit or vegetables). It’s a 20 days package. 5 days a week for the whole month.

Features of the kid’s menu:

Healthy and delicious high quality meals that children love.

Fresh meals and designed calories according to the needs of the children at a certain age.

Door-to-door delivery is available

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