Low Carb Program

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Do you want to lose weight and live a healthy life? The Low Carb Program is the solution for you

Diet Watchers' Low Carb menu consists of low carbohydrate meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, 4 snacks), and you can choose between a variety of local and international dishes.

This menu has been carefully designed to suit your needs, providing 4 types of calories 1000-1200-1500-1800, and also includes 3 packages 4 weeks, 2 weeks or 1 week according to your needs, with a qualified dietitian to help you reach your desired weight.

Features of the low carb program

· Low-carb meals tailored to your needs and under the supervision of a qualified dietitian

· Saves your time and effort to calculate your calories or carbohydrate percentages required to lose weight

· Helps you burn fat and lose weight easily.

· You can consult a highly experienced nutritionist to lose weight in a healthy way and get a slim body.

· Choose your meals from a variety of local and international dishes.

· Keep your body fit and healthy and join the Low Carb Program.