AM program

389.00 ر.س

Do you want to lose weight?! Breakfast is one of the most important meals that helps you lose weight and makes you feel full throughout the day, and we have dedicated the “AM Program” to encourage you to have breakfast, and we added the lunch meal to it so that your meals are complete throughout the day.

The AM Program includes many choices to suit all tastes, and the box consists of (breakfast, fruit, lunch, salad, snack, drink), and you can choose the calories that suit your body needs (1000-1200-1500) (based on calories needed for the whole day)

You can choose the package you like 4 weeks, two weeks or a week.

AM program features:

Needs for fewer calories throughout the day because it makes you feel full, and thus will help you lose weight.

Better eating habits.

The appropriate calories for your body's needs.

Delivery service to your location.

Increases the body's metabolism.

This program also helps improve memory and brain health.

Improves energy levels in the body.

Do not miss your morning meal and enjoy the meals of the AM Program