Lunch program

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You don’t have time to prepare your lunch? Your working hours are long and you need a meal that gives you energy? Do you want a healthy and delicious lunch with counted calories that suit your needs? We have set you up with the “Lunch Program” that brings together all your desires.

Enjoy the lunch program that provides you with a variety of healthy meals based on your desire, and the lunch box includes (lunch, salad or soup, snack, drink) based on accurately calculated calories that suit you

Calories provided: 1000-1200-1500-1800 (based on calories needed for the whole day)

And you can choose the package that you like, either 20 days, 10 days or 5 days, and you have the option of picking up your meals from your nearest branch or we deliver it to your office door

Lunch Program Features:

A variety of meals specially designed for you based on specific calories and at competitive prices.

Saving time and effort.

Healthy meals help you lose weight in addition to lowering cholesterol and improving cognitive performance.

Providing delivery service to your location.

Order the lunch program and don't waste your break time at work